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  • Little acts of kindness are huge. They make you and other people very happy. That is what we call instant karmic rewards.
  • Service is an expression of selflessness.
  • This too will pass.
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On days not scheduled with an event, Ajahn Brahm is most likely to be at at Bodhinyana Forest Monastery. Please visit the website for contact details, if you wish to visit him. His full calendar is available here: Ajahn Brahm Calendar.

Talks by Ajahn Brahm

Ajahn Brahm is one of the many wonderful speakers who give regular talks at the Dhammaloka Buddhist Centre

. You are most welcome to download and share these talks; the audio files in MP3 format are perfect to listen to on your smartphone, tablet or music player.

Audio Talks

These are MP3 audio versions of the Ajahn Brahm's You Tube talks. Most of the talks are recordings from Friday nights at the Dhammaloka Buddhist Centre.

Buddhist Society of WA - YouTube channel

At the moment, the BSWA YouTube Channel hosts videos from all our speakers, not just Ajahn Brahm. However, this is an excellent way to explore the breadth of topics covered by our Friday night teachers.

Books by Ajahn Brahm

Ajahn Brahm has written a number of books, which have proved to be very popular - all books are available for purchase online.

Who is Ajahn Brahm

Ajahn Brahmavamso Mahathera (known to most as Ajahn Brahm) was born Peter Betts in London, United Kingdom in August 7, 1951. He came from a working-class background, and won a scholarship to study Theoretical Physics at Cambridge University in the late 1960s. At Cambridge he joined the university’s Buddhist Society and after a few weeks at the age of 18, he saw a monk for the first time. He knew then that was what he wanted to be. After graduating from Cambridge he taught in a school for one year before travelling to Thailand to become a monk and train with the Venerable Ajahn Chah Bodhinyana Mahathera.

Whilst still in his years as a junior monk, he was asked to undertake the compilation of an English-language guide to the Buddhist monastic code - the Vinaya - which later became the basis for monastic discipline in many Theravadan monasteries in Western countries.

After practising for nine years as a monk, he was sent to Perth by Ajahn Chah in 1983

Ajahn Brahm feature story in West Weekend

West Australians were given an insight into the life and times of Ajahn Brahm in this feature story. Most West Australians are unaware of this Cambridge physics graduate who ordained as a Buddhist monk more than thirty years ago. He has been active in teaching Buddhism here and around the world and is the author of many well known Buddhist titles. You can download the West Weekend story here, or click the image.


As a monk, Ajahn Brahm does not accept donations directly;
you can support him by donating to Bodhinyana Monastery.

If you wish to support one of our other temples or centres, please visit Contributing to BSWA

Thank you!


When Ajahn Brahm is in Perth, he can be contacted between
6pm - 7pm AWST.

Please note that Ajahn Brahm is unable to offer personal advice because he is already overburdened with many responsibilities.

For general information and links to the BSWA monasteries and centres, please visit Dhammaloka Buddhist Centre.

Coming to Australia

The then Venerable Brahm was invited to Perth, Australia by the Buddhist Society of Western Australia to assist Ajahn Jagaro in teaching duties. Initially they both lived in an old house in the suburb of North Perth, but in late 1983 purchased 97 acres (393,000 square metres) of rural and forested land in the hills of Serpentine south of Perth. The land was to become Bodhinyana Monastery (named after their teacher, Ajahn Chah Bodhinyana). Bodhinyana was to become the first dedicated Buddhist monastery in the Southern Hemisphere and is today the largest community of Theravadan Buddhist monks in Australia.

Initially there were no buildings on the land, and as there were only a few Buddhists in Perth at this time, and little funding, the monks themselves began building to save money. So it was there that Ajahn Brahm learnt plumbing and brick-laying and built many of the current buildings there himself.


Becoming a Leader

In 1994, Ajahn Jagaro took a sabbatical leave from Western Australia and disrobed a year later, abruptly leaving Ajahn Brahm in charge. Despite initial reservations, Ajahn Brahm took on the role with gusto and was soon being invited to provide his humorous and uplifting teachings in other parts of Australia and South-East Asia. He has been a speaker at the International Buddhist Summit in Phnom Penh in 2002, and at four Global Conferences on Buddhism. He was the convener of the Fourth Global Conference on Buddhism, held in Perth, in June 2006. But such recognition has not stopped him from dedicating time and attention to the sick and dying, those in prison or ill with cancer, people wanting to learn to meditate, and of course his own Sangha of monks at Bodhinyana.



Currently Ajahn Brahm is the Abbot of Bodhinyana Monastery, in Serpentine, Western Australia, the Spiritual Director of the Buddhist Society of Western Australia, Spiritual Adviser to the Buddhist Society of Victoria, Spiritual Adviser to the Buddhist Society of South Australia, Spiritual Patron of the Buddhist Fellowship in Singapore, and is currently working with monks and nuns of all Buddhist traditions to establish the Australian Sangha Association.

In October 2004, Ajahn Brahm was awarded the John Curtin Medal for his vision, leadership and service to the Australian community by Curtin University.

Ajahn Brahm has also written several books including Opening the Door of Your Heart (formerly published as 'Who Ordered This Truckload of Dung?') and Mindfulness, Bliss and Beyond: A Meditator's Handbook. Hundreds of Ajahn Brahm's Dhamma talks are now available for free download in both digital audio and video format. These are downloaded millions of times a year and it's now true to say that barely a second passes when there isn't someone, somewhere in the world downloading and listening to a Dhamma talk by Ajahn Brahm.

Ajahn Brahm has also been influential in establishing Dhammasara Nuns' Monastery at Gidgegannup in the hills north-east of Perth to be a wholly independent monastery for nuns, In October 2009 he was instrumental in facilitating Bhikkhuni ordinations at this monastery. The selfless action of providing an authentic pathway for women to lead the Holy Life led to a reaction from fundamentalist monks within his original training Sangha who 'excommunicated' him. Large parts of the the international Buddhist community have since rallied and campaigned in support of him. Ajahn Brahm continues to champion Gender Equality.



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